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What made Renny Harlin decide to direct "12 rounds"? There could be many reasons. Perhaps he wanted to close his mouths to his critics, who grew up after the "Race" and "Exorcist: The Beginning" mishaps. Or maybe he just went to the cash register? Or he wanted to face his own weaknesses and show himself that he still has the vigor to shoot good stockists? Regardless of motivation, he decided to go against the tide. "12 rounds" is not enough to be the only movie from the "alone against everything" series, it is also sponsored by the studio of WWE wrestling organization. In turn, she starred her star - John Cena. Price plays policeman Danny Fisher. He foils the escape of the excellent thief Miles Jackson. During the accident, the girl of the criminal accidentally dies. One day Fisher answers the phone. It turns out that Jackson has returned with a fancy plan of revenge. He kidnapped Danny's girlfriend and additionally prepared for him a murderous game consisting of 12 tasks. Fisher must take part in it if he wants to see his sweetheart ... You have to be clear that John Cena has no chance to follow in the footsteps of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. It's just a wooden block. At the cinema, however, we have already seen various blocks, so I will specify. He is far from expressing the Ents of the "Two Towers". Is the human equivalent of the log, which we saw as a shark in "Jaws 4". He has no charisma and his acting talent consists of two mines. He has already shown his full skills on the set of "The Marine". Aidan Gillen, who plays the Black Forest, did better (no art anyway), but he was a few light years from the creation of an outstanding creation. Fortunately, Harlin knew who he would work with. Thanks to this he came out quite defensively. One type of wrestling fight is No Disqualification match. Competitors can use all types of weapons in it, and third party interventions are also possible. Harlin, having a wrestler as a star, arranged such a duel on the screen. In practice, this manifests itself in continuous action. A stick with sense and logic. The point is to make it happen and Price gets tired of the camera as little as possible. The director threw him into the vortex of his daily work, and he was thankful even to watch. As a result, the whole falls as a cross between the second (which was also directed by Harlin) and the third "Glass Trap" with "Speed". It is also worth adding that the action was set in New Orleans. One can get the impression that the heroic fight of Price is a kind of tribute to all services involved in the reconstruction of the city after Hurricane Katrina. Harlin has proved that he knows the action movie. Good movie average filming He did something out of nothing. "12 rounds," however, is nothing outstanding. In fact, it barely stands above mediocrity. Despite this, an hour and a half passes quickly during the screening. Even Price, under good supervision, presented itself quite decently. I sincerely wish him some more production at "12 rounds".

Hugh Hefner's wisdom Later, the same fate awaits him as in the case of Steven Seagal. It will hit the home theater market and a wider film audience will forget about it.

However, WWE fans will provide entertainment for many years to come.